Use Cases

Better Identify & Reduce Risk

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Whether it is synthetic ID fraud or other nefarious behaviors Coalesce can be used to comprehensively analyze your data and help your team reduce its impact.

Risk Surveillance

Exhaustively monitor portfolio holdings, vendors/partners, or registered representatives for signs of risk and non-compliance. 

Enhance Compliance

Forensic Testing & Surveillance

Super charge your compliance procedures and make the move from sample testing to comprehensive, full sample analysis of gift & entertainment receipts, reports, and subsequent activities.

Improve Customer Experience

Loan Underwriting

Automate the data collection, organization, and entry into your core systems for faster processing and underwriting of consumer loans.  Faster response times equal happier customers.

Email Inquiries

Get back to your clients and customers in record time with artificial intelligence that can read emails, route them to the right teams, and even auto respond.

Automated Reporting

Free your team from manual data entry and get quarterly reports out the door faster than ever by automating the processing of valuation updates.

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