The Future of Family Office

Your clients demand a high level of customization and personalized service.  In the past this has meant hiring additional staff to tackle the mountain of administrative work that comes with advising the ultra wealthy.  You compete on customer intimacy, but struggle with operational efficiency. 

Today’s technology has advanced to a point where much of this routine administrative work can be outsourced to computers.  Artificial intelligence can help your firm automate the most mundane tasks at your organization, freeing your employees to focus on building relationships with clients and proactive advice.

Step into the next generation of operational efficiency with intelligent automation from Coalesce and enhance your competitive edge.

Intelligent Automation for the Family Office

You receive hundreds, if not thousands of documents a month.  Investment manager content, insurance policies, alternative investment statements, and invoices come into the inboxes at your organization all day long.  Manually saving this information leads to duplicates, inconsistent file names, and messy filing systems.

A computer would do a better job.  

Coalesce can “listen” to email inboxes and automatically file client or investment manager documents to your CRM, shared drive, or document management system.  Our AI is even smart enough to rename the documents with your firm’s preferred naming convention.  

No more “save as” for hours on end.

Allocations to hedge funds and commitment funds provide better opportunities to add value through manager selection. Not to mention the illiquidity premium you can leverage. All positives for your clients.

On the other hand, if you allocate to these managers then you understand the operational trade-offs.  Providing the valuable service of consolidated reporting comes with unique challenges when including alternative strategies.  Manually updating valuations happens the same way at investment advisors across the country. It’s a time consuming, error prone, and downright boring task that someone on your team must perform.

Coalesce’s proprietary combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) has the ability to read alternative fund PDF statements, extract the data needed for quarterly reporting, and then push that information to your consolidated reporting system.

Coalesce can also handle capital call and distribution notices.

Those centralized inboxes that were set up years ago as a collection mechanism were a great idea at the time.  Today, they are overflowing with emails and someone on your team has to comb through the haystack to eventually find the desired needle.  

Artificial intelligence from Coalesce can shrink and organize that haystack.  By identifying the emails that are definitely straw, Coalesce leaves your team more time to focus on tasks of higher value to your clients.  

Need your ‘statements’ or ‘operations’ inbox monitored and routed to the appropriate teams?  Coalesce can handle that too.

Family Offices receive a multitude of extensive documents from private placement memorandums to insurance policies.  Often times your team is reviewing these PDFs for half a dozen pieces of information.  After your team learns what to look for, this work becomes sleep inducing.

With intelligent automation this can be automated.  Coalesce’s proprietary combination of natural language processing and machine learning allows your team to train the AI to get better and better at finding and extracting the information found in a variety of documents.  

We can also push this data to your CRM.

The Benefits of Intelligent Automation our Family Office Clients are Realizing

Immediate Gains in Operational Efficiency

Significant Reduction in Data Entry Errors in Quarterly Reports

More Time to Focus on Prospects, Clients, and Centers of Influence

Fewer Boring Tasks, Increased Employee Morale

…automate the boring stuff and spend more time doing what you love.  Building relationships, growing your firm, and proactively advising your clients.

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