The Future of Banking

Your organization strives to continuously create additional value for it’s clients.  Whether it’s cost savings or higher levels of personalized service, credit unions put their members first.

Today intelligent automation embedded with artificial intelligence can help you achieve both of these objectives.   By automating the repetitive, mundane work in your organization, your clients can experience new levels of value.

Step into the next generation of operational efficiency with intelligent automation from Coalesce and take client satisfaction to new highs.

Intelligent Automation for Banks

Underwriting a loan for a client can be a labor intensive process.  From reviewing a purchase and sale agreement, to gathering additional documentation from an AutoCheck report, Kelly Blue Book, home appraisal, and applicant credit reports, this process pulls information from multiple places.  

Intelligent automation can help streamline and accelerate this process.  Coalesce’s proprietary AI can find the additional data required, extract the data points pertinent to your underwriting process, and push this information to your case management system automatically.

Leveraging AI’s intelligent automation capabilities allows your team to give financing decisions to your members more quickly.  

We can even integrate the review of a “do not lend” list from your fraud team, instantly increasing compliance across your lending operation.  

Those centralized inboxes that were set up years ago as a collection mechanism were a great idea at the time.  Today, they are overflowing with emails and someone on your team has to sift through the haystack, sort it, and eventually find the desired needle.  

Artificial intelligence from Coalesce can shrink and organize that haystack.  By identifying the emails that are definitely straw, Coalesce leaves your teams with more time to focus on customer satisfaction.  

Apply intelligent automation to your inboxes and get your members’ questions answered faster.

Fraud at financial institutions is an ongoing problem across the industry.  Account takeovers, evolving credit card fraud strategies, and other nefarious behaviors cost banks real dollars every year.  It’s a daunting task to detect and then prevent these fraudulent activities.  

Until now.  

With Coalesce, your fraud team can intelligently automate the ongoing detection of fraudulent activity with the use of continuously improving algorithms.  

Enhance your fraud team with the statistical objectivity and data processing power of artificial intelligence.

The Benefits of Intelligent Automation our Banking Clients are Realizing

Faster & Cheaper Back Office Processes

Faster Response Times to Member Inqueries

More Time to Focus on Servicing Members

Fewer Tedious Tasks, Increased Employee Morale

…automate the boring stuff and spend more time doing what you love.  Proactively creating value for your customers.

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