The Future of Asset Management

Asset management is a hyper competitive industry.  In order to win mandates from allocators you must be able to demonstrate a competitive edge.  What is it that your firm does better than your peers investing in the same assets?

Today’s technology has advanced to a point where grunt work can be outsourced to computers.  Artificial intelligence can help you automate the most routine tasks at your organization, freeing your employees to make more thoughtful investment decisions and enhance internal processes.

Step into the next generation of operational efficiency with intelligent automation from Coalesce and enhance your competitive edge.

Intelligent Automation for Asset Managers

Comprehensive enforcement of code of ethics policies can be a challenge.  Especially with disparate systems and a large number of employees.  Offers for gifts and entertainment come into email and get reported in a separate system.  And how do you know if these potential conflicts of interest are affecting the routing of your trades to different brokers?  

There’s always some doubt as to how much of what is reported actually mirrors what actually happened.   Until now.

Intelligent automation infused with artificial intelligence from Coalesce allows your organization to build a more robust compliance enforcement process.  Check what’s reported in your G&E reporting system against what was offered in email and then analyze trade activity for anomalies, automatically, across all employees, as often as you want.

Make the move from sample testing to comprehensive forensic analysis in your compliance process.  

Those centralized inboxes that were set up years ago as a collection mechanism were a great idea at the time.  Today, they are overflowing with emails and someone on your team has to comb through the haystack to eventually find the desired needle.  

Artificial intelligence from Coalesce can shrink and organize that haystack.  By identifying the emails that are definitely straw, Coalesce leaves your team more time to focus on tasks of higher value to your clients.  

Need your ‘statements’ or ‘operations’ inbox monitored and routed to the appropriate teams?  Coalesce can handle that too.

There’s no shortage of content available to you as an investment firm.  In fact, there’s probably more content available than one could possibly read.  Unstructured data continues to grow exponentially.

Chances are your team has content that it reads on a regular basis for specific information.  Earnings call transcripts, bond offering documents, and private placement memorandums all fall into the “routine” documents an asset manager works with.

With today’s technology the review of these documents can be automated.  Coaesce’s proprietary combination of natural language processing and machine learning allows your team to train the AI to get better and better at finding and extracting the information found in a variety of documents.  We can also push this data to your CRM or RMS.

The Benefits of Intelligent Automation our Asset Management Clients are Realizing

Immediate Gains in Operational Efficiency

Stronger Compliance and Reduced Operational Risk

More Time to Focus on Research Priorities & Alpha Generation

Less Grunt Work, Increased Employee Morale

…automate the grunt work and spend more time doing what you love.  Generating alpha, strengthening your firm, and proactively advising your clients.

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