Intelligent Automation with AI Automates Surveillance and Monitoring
for the Financial Services Industry

MEET COALESCE is an AI software platform that automates risk, compliance and customer experience workflows for financial services firms.  Learning directly from business users, Coalesce frees your teams from repetitive, ineffective work and allows them to focus on more complex tasks. 

Make the move from sample testing to comprehensive forensic analysis across multiple compliance workflows.  Transform your customer experience with faster answers and decisions.  Supercharge your detection and prevention capabilities with faster identification of the constantly evolving threat of fraud. 

The future of knowledge work will leverage the strengths of both humans and software.  AI software excels at routine calculations and repetitive tasks.  Humans are best at interpretation, innovating, and applying judgement.  Combining the strengths of each is THE strategy for the digital age in financial services. 

Advance your organization and take advantage of the digital revolution in financial services with

The rising costs of compliance and Risk

Government regulators are pushing the front line of the battle against financial crime onto financial institutions through increased regulation.  In fact, compliance costs for financial services have doubled in the last five years.  The financial services sector spends over $270B per year on risk, compliance, and customer service.

More than half of these workflows can be automated or enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence.


“Voted AI solution most likely to be adopted by financial services in the next 12 months”

Financial Information Management Association



Coalesce has invented a technology called User Defined Machine Learning (UDML) which allows end-users to teach the software to filter, analyze and process data according to their own domain expertise, thereby embedding their knowledge into the system for intelligent, customized automation.


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