AUTOMATING FINANCIAL CRIME DETECTION improves financial crime detection for financial services firms, an industry that spends almost 60% of its income on risk and compliance workflows, and yet less than 1% of fraud, money laundering and other financial crime is detected.

Real Time

Works better than any traditional rules based tools
to identify and protect against financial crime


Learns from expert analysts to identify
more than 80% of synthetic identity fraud

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, synthetic ID fraud is the fastest growing financial crime. Fraudsters create fake identities to infiltrate and defraud the financial services system, estimated to be $12B in losses for 2020.


Fraud is a constantly changing landscape. Our intelligent automation improves effectiveness of fraud detection workflows by “Scaling the Analyst” – continuously learning from experts to detect fraud and other patterns of financial crime while reducing false-positives so business users can focus on high-value risks.

  • 80% capture rate
  • <1% false positives
  • 20x return on investment

  • More effective than rules-based systems. Rules-based systems lack flexibility to identify Synthetic ID’s, resulting in false positives, poor customer experience and unnecessary extra work.
  • Seamless Integration. Coalesce integrates directly with loan origination systems to detect Synthetic ID’s before they go through underwriting and ultimately collections.
  • Ongoing improvement. Fraudsters are constantly changing their strategies. Our solution continues to learn and improve as new fraud techniques are developed by Synthetic ID’s fraudsters.

The stakes continue to get higher, and the fraudsters are getting smarter. 
Fight back with SynthID Detect™.

The Boston AI Think Tank

In 2017, Coalesce founded the Boston AI Think Tank, a forum comprised of senior executives from prominent financial institutions and regulatory agencies, that has been exploring the potential for AI to improve financial crime detection. 

Over the last two years, our Think Tank has advised members of the U.S. Congress on a Collaborative AI model that can be used to combat financial crimes via information sharing in a Public / Private partnership.  

Stay up to date on The Boston AI Think Tank and our work with Congress and regulators to improve financial crime detection. Learn the latest on fraud insights and intelligence.


“Voted AI solution most likely to be adopted by financial services in the next 12 months 
– Financial Information Management Association 

Financial Information Management Association


THE POWER OF COALESCE invented a technology called User Defined Machine Learning (UDML) which allows business users to teach the software to filter, analyze and process data without programming or large training datasets. The result is intelligent, customized automation which has proven to be 80% more effective than rules-based solutions.

By learning rapidly from business users without any programming, Coalesce quickly encapsulates user expertise with a solution that seamlessly integrates with customer’s on-premises and cloud solutions to facilitate rapid and secure results.

We’re helping transform financial institutions, making them more efficient and agile.

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