Risk And Compliance Automation

Coalesce.ai is an AI software platform that automates risk and compliance workflows in the financial services industry.

Our intelligent workflow automation product improves operational efficiencies in surveillance and monitoring. This provides a scalable infrastructure that reduces costs and detects risk while enabling growth.


The Coalesce Advantage

  • “Reduces the haystack” of tedious work resulting in lower costs and lower risks
  • Innovative AI solution with more accurate and powerful unstructured text analysis
  • Flexible, evolving models learn from users through User-Defined Machine Learning
  • Shorter deployment cycle, non-technical user participation, no programming required

How We Help

  • Make the move with Coalesce.ai from sample testing to comprehensive analysis across multiple compliance workflows.
  • Fight back with Coalesce.ai.  Supercharge your fraud detection and prevention capabilities with faster identification.

The future will leverage the strengths of both humans and software.  AI software excels at routine calculations and repetitive tasks.  Humans are best at interpretation, innovating, and applying judgement.  Combining the strengths of each is THE strategy for the digital age in financial services.

Advance your organization and take advantage of the digital revolution in financial services with Coalesce.ai.

The rising costs of compliance and Risk
  • Fines and losses from inefficient compliance monitoring and surveillance reached more than $20bn in recent years.
  • Monitoring and supervision has doubled in the last 5 years, reaching 10% -20% of all operating costs for financial institutions.
  • Javelin Strategy & Research reported that synthetic identity fraud registered approximately $16.8 billion in 2017.

More than half of these workflows can be automated or enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence.


“Voted AI solution most likely to be adopted by financial services in the next 12 months”

Financial Information Management Association



Coalesce has invented a technology called User Defined Machine Learning (UDML) which allows end-users to teach the software to filter, analyze and process data according to their own domain expertise, thereby embedding their knowledge into the system for intelligent, customized automation.


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